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'Python' sling

   Today I finally made a Python Sling, I conceived it back in the early spring on one of the hikes. It was a bit chilly in the beginning, so I was wearing a hoodie, but than I warmed up and took it off, but I had nowhere to put it, I only had a hip bag with essentials on me. Soooo, the idea came: a stretchy mesh tube with a strap, any garment could fit in and be carried easily around the body.

   This the original sketch I've made on the trail:

And here is The Python:

1. Take it out of your pocket, it's so small and light;

2. Put your hand through the mesh tube and grab the hoodie/jacket from the collar or if the garment is long fold it in half first. Close the tab at both ends once Python is fully stuffed and nothing protrudes out of its ends;

3. Wear it as cross-body or wrap it around hips;

 This Python can even fit my winter down jacket! I absolutely love it.

It's too hot now to properly test it, cause I wear wear nothing that I can take off when temperatures reach above +30° C. But sooner or later the weather will change and the Python would be released.


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