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F20 Pants:   

      user manual

1. Waist Belt: adjustment 
2. Cuff: adjustment 
3. Waist Belt: shortening 

 Hint:  the key to waist belt adjustment            is lifting the buckle, both to                    tighten it and to relax it;

If the waist belt, tightened to the maximum, is still big for you it can easily be shortened.

Tools you’ll need: scissors, lighter / matches.

See the instructional photos in the gallery on the right along with reading the instructions.


  1. Wear the pants and tighten the waist strap to the maximum;

  2. On the right side find the elastic cord coming out of the top eyelet (metal hole);

  3. Pull the cord upwards until the knot, hidden in the webbing loop, comes out;

  4. Pull cord out, holding by the knot, until you reach the desired fit. Measure the length of the piece you’d need to cut out (use ruler or your fingers, or whatever object is suitable);

  5. Take the pants off, cut out the extra cord LEAVING extra 1 cm at each end of the cord for the knot. 

  6. Lightly burn the ends, to prevent fraying of the cord sheath (don’t overdo, cord core smells bad when burnt);

  7. Tie figure eight knot (google it, if you don’t know);

  8. Tighten carefully each strand, leaving the tails small;

  9. Pull the knot back into the webbing loop. 


 That’s it, try the pants on and repeat if pants are still not tight enough. 

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