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Size: Medium, waist circumference 76 - 96cm (30 - 35.4")

Materials: matt, breathable nylon shell fabric + Climashield Apex insulation

Neck closure: soft adjustable magnetic Fidlock Strip closure (a unique one, used only on this sample)

Waist closure: adjustable magnetic Fidlock Hook buckle (as on all core warmers)


Sample was used: it have been worn 5-10 times to test how synthetic insulation behaves.



The Core Warmer is an innovative piece of appare. It's ergonomically shaped, down-filled front panel is designed to warm the body's core front, leaving the back and shoulders exposed for ventilation and bulk-reduction.



- Adjustable waist strap, with FidlockⓇ magnetic buckle closure

- Adjustable neck strap with flexible FidlockⓇ strip closure

- Chest zip, with two sliders for a variety of ventilation modes

- Packs into chest pocket

- Lightweight at only g



For anyone who might need an extra layer of warmth on the chest, including; hikers, bikers, mountaineers, skiers, backpackers and travelers.

When you are wearing a backpack, it keeps your back warm (and even too hot sometimes), so an insulating vest would be an overkill, but just a front half of it, read a Core Warmer, will do the work of keeping your chest protected from cold and wind. Second type of situation, where Core Warmer has shown itself very useful, is during forward moving intense activity. Like cycling, skiing, running, ice-skating, basically when you move forward with some speed, which creates apparent wind that is always hitting your chest, and due to the physical effort your back is prone to be sweaty. Disbalance of wind-cooled chest and sweaty back is alleviated by the Core Warmer.



MAIN FABRIC: windproof tafetta nylon

FASTENERS: Fidlock buckle

ZIPPER: YKK #3 coil



Climashield 2 oz. / 67 gsm



Lemon Yellow



 104 g / 3.65 oz.



Waist circumference:

M: 76 - 96 (30 - 35.4")


GOOD FIT: waist minimum to be slightly bigger or equal to your waist circumference, that way you can achieve a tight fit over the base layer, at the same time you will have ample room for adding more layers as well as just lengthening the waist strap for ventilation.


Difference between sizes is not only in the length of waist strap, front panel changes width and height in sizes S, M and L. 


If unsure with the size - contact me at



The Core Warmer is designed to protect the body's core from the wind and cold. Constructed from windproof fabrics and natural goose down, it keeps the body warm while the open-back design promotes ventilation, and prevents overheating under your pack. The front panel is ergonomically shaped to protect the areas most prone to the cold.

The shoulders and sides remain exposed, significantly reducing bulk compared to a conventional down vests. The panel is finished with an elastic binding, designed to keep garment close to the body to lock-in warmth and prevent side drafts.

A chest zipper with two sliders is added to control the level of ventilation, zipper can be opened from top down or from bottom up.

The neck and waist straps make it easy to put on, without the need to remove your outter shell, jacket or backpack. The adjustable waist strap is fitted with a FidlockⓇ mechano-magnetic buckle, which self-connects when the buckle is in close proximity, and is easily opened with just one hand. 


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