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Merino neck warmer and headband joined together


   I used to wear two separate pieces: simple merino neck warmer and ear band, and to hold neck warmer over my nose I would tuck it under headband. Finally, I made the piece that blended it in one.

 The advantage of having them joined in one piece is that neck warmer stays in place, either over the nose or pulled down. The conventional neck warmer collapses and does not protect neck when its not held around the face. In a joined version of mine throat is protected at all times.

 Moreover I would rarely find myself needing only neck warmer or only headband, since if it's windy and cold both throat and ears are equally affected and need protection. 

I had not yet tested it, I have finished it just yesterday, so some reports on how it performs will follow soon.

One part that would need improvement is a closure. I've thought a lot, but couldn't find yet a great solution, so I went with just a fine one, I've used a row of snaps on the back. It works better than I expected but still it is lacking one feature that is important - adjustability. Simplest option would be hook and loop, but I just don't like it so much, it deteriorates with time and it is just not elegant. 

 Anyway, I am pretty happy with this first attempt, will go out and test it now, it's a cold and rainy day finally here.


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