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 I want to share my thoughts on why I make what I make, and for what I hope this virtual space to be.

   Starting points:

CONNECTION—to life and reality

MOVEMENT—of the body through manifold environments PLAY—always ready 

CONSCIOUSNESS—of the future, and in the present

   Why technical products? The answer is simple: the apparel and bags I want do not exist. What exists does not meet my needs and does not bring me joy. I want clothing that I connect with physically and emotionally.

   I want clothes to wear in the city and in the wilderness. I want bags that I can take on a plane and into the woods. I want to make things that move with me through my actual life, not an imagined one. I do not exist in window displays or on runways, and I’m not always running or climbing or mountaineering.

   I want to make things that are versatile, functional, technical and fun—clothing that enhances the body and through that inspires the spirit. Clothes to work in, when work is a form of play. I think about spacesuits—it amazes me that these fantastic costumes were sewn on earth! They fulfill their function—they protect, enclose, and sustain human life. And to look at them is to feel the heart leap with whimsical excitement. I want to bring the strangeness, pure functionality and beauty of spacesuits back to earth.

   Functional clothing is still more or less limited to sports, outdoors and other special application. I see that slowly small part of market answers to new demand for versatile urban/outdoor clothing and boundary of functional and everyday starts to blur. As a dreamer though I want it now; I can't wait until market will evolve, besides I believe things should be done not through market.

   I want to share my vision and knowledge with others. Innovation in technical apparel manufacturing is hidden by trade secrets. I envision a world wherein designers are not competing to produce top sellers, but are working together. As a designer I wish not to be bound to my own thinking only, but to be able to expand it by meeting minds alike. I dream of it. And i will try to act as if it is a reality already, I will not accept state of thing that exist now, there is no way it will discourage me from living the future, as I believe it should be.

   And first step towards such community is to give what I have to offer: this virtual space is dedicated to sharing design challenges and solutions in area of technical apparel and bags. I will be documenting my discoveries and difficulties in form of design diary. Any technical information I present here is free for anybody to use (under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License). I am happy to answer any questions, to hear your thoughts. This is a space for creating a conscious community.


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