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Welcome to the new chapter of this diary.

It’s like with real paper diaries, sometimes the notebook is finished and you ought to choose a new one. All the entries preceeding this one have been transferred from my good old website (no longer active). They allow to see the roots of the [functional clothing lab]. For me they certainly carry a high nostalgic value as well, f.e. I can read my thoughts about the very first core warmer, which haven’t even been named yet and was called ‘down-filled apron/vest’.

This is an exciting time for me now, I have put together a new website, I feel it is an honest one, a real reflection of who I am as a creator. Almost all the photos that are used as backgrounds or abstract icons are from my personal archive, I’m happy to be able to use them, they capture moments of beauty that I saw around me and they convey something fleeing about me too.

Whole [functional clothing lab] is an attempt to show who I am, to convey my values, and to share with others what I have to offer. And being able to add bits of my various talents, piece by piece, seemingly unrelated parts, together to form a kind of stained glass window, where differently colored and shaped pieces of glass are held together by black metal rim, this rim being me, is elating.

photo by Anastasia Gladkikh

And the last thing I want to say, before I dive into writing more design related entries, is that I’m looking for a dialogue, a live communication between makers, wearers, designers, adventurers, manufacturers, philosophers and anyone in between. So don’t hesitate and talk to me.


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